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The INX home page.

INX This Week
The most up-to-date INX package. Ready for download every Wednesday featuring art that is in the news.

Hot Topix
Images derived from ongoing news topics.

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INX Store
This page offers up posters, catalogs and books done by inx artists.

E-mail INXart's Art Director or Webmaster.

INX News
News about INX and it's members.

Op-Ed Sez

Editorials by an Art Director with a jaundiced eye.

Who's Who @ INX
Who are the inxters? Find out here.  

Unpublished drawings by the INX artists. Available for you to commission as finished art for your publication.

INX Show
A site detailing the touring INX Retrospective that originated at St. John's University.

INX Linx
From this Page you can visit any INX artist who has a site posted on the web.

Bad Biz & Terror Alert
INX's theme pages. Images in these collection focus on Bad Business and Terrorism

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